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    Cirque du Cyclisme date changed

    Posted this on the southeast: regional event forum.
    Figured: sence the event is for vintage steel, it might be valid here as well.
    The web site still lists June 7-8-9 2013.
    One of the venders Wayne Bingham (who now runs this)sent the group header notice to,forwarded it on to me.
    For whatever reason, the event has been changed to May 17-18-19
    My call to Best Western last night confirms that it caught everyone off guard (and there may not be enough rooms available for this date)
    Unsure whom to contact about registering.
    I e-mailed Wayne about this but haven't gotten any response back so far.

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    As it turns out, I spoke with Wayne before Christmas when I was at his shop and he told me then that the date had been moved forward to May 17-19. It seems that he said there was another event that was too close to Cirque du Cyclisme (something Dale planned?), so the decision was made to move it forward by 3 weeks.

    Wayne hasn't opened up registration for Cirque yet, though I'm guessing he will be doing so pretty soon. It is only 20 miles from me, so it doesn't matter much to me when it is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ranger63 View Post
    (and there may not be enough rooms available for this date)
    Quote Originally Posted by photogravity View Post
    It is only 20 miles from me, so it doesn't matter much to me when it is.

    So we'll all stay at your house
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