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    Not so vintage J.C. Higgins mod with vintage parts?

    i don't know where i got the idea. it just poped in my head last night as i was falling asleep.

    i've got a J.C. Higgins bike that the wife bought for me at a garage sale last summer for $12. it's a newer model. i think it was made at the former murray plant in lawrenceburg.

    anyway, i don't particularly like anything about the bike. i think if i change a few things on it i might change my opinion. occasionally they do some vintage bike rides in kc.

    first, i found an old sears 3 speed beach bike in my parents barn. i pillaged the fenders, 3 speed hub, brakes, and the handlebars. the Higgins has a coaster brake so if i convert to a 3 speed hub i have to convert to hand brakes. i'd like to find a nice seat for it. i'm not sure if i want a leather seat or a modern gel/spring seat. i will also ditch the whitewalls and find a nice set of semi knobby tires.

    i'm going to try and do it on the cheap, i don't necessarily want to dump a bunch of money into a bike i may still not like afterwards.


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    Looks like you've got a place to hang the calipers already. That's the hard part. The rest is just about finding the right parts.
    Is that a Shimano 333 hub? if you're going to go to the trouble of building a wheel you might as well spring for a Sturmey Archer.
    I have spoken.

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