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    Shimano 600 History and Dates Help Needed

    Anyone have any info on Shimano 600 history? The Sheldon Brown site does not have specifics on dates. I'd like to know year they first came out, and other information tied to years. I am trying to gather history on a 1976 Benotto with Shimano 600 components. Some of the components are real good looking - like the downtube shifters. This seems to have been a special order bicycle, and I am just looking for history of Shimano 600 and trying to place it with this vintage 1976 bicycle. The Benotto is a 1976 850 Paris Roubaix, I think.

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    1976 would make it the first year for Shimano 600. Technically, production started in late 1975, but it was for the 1976 model year.

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