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    Help with Schwinn Voyageur

    Hi All
    I would like to know a bit more about a shwinn voyageur i found in a garbage dump
    it is metalic emrald green
    serial # K748060
    0048 stamped in onto the front badge
    Wolber super champion 58 (27") rims
    Columbus Tanex tubing
    Dia-comp brakes
    Thats it!
    It was missing all the other parts
    So i would like to know what year it came from, what gearing it was carrying, how many speed.
    If it is possible to fit this frame with 700c rims.
    Basically i would like to fit this bike out as a modern tourer with the current shimano road gearing. Can this be done?
    Any help would be appreciated

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    Your bike is an early '88 model and it started life as a touring bike. Crankset was a Shimano 28/44/50t triple with biopace chainrings. Freewheel was a Shimano "Z" series 14-16-19-22-26-30. I'm sure you can install 700c wheels, but you may have to find brake calipers with longer reach. Just put some wheels in and see if the brakes reach. I'll defer to others on the ease of refitting with a more modern drivetrain.

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