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    Hello + Help please

    Hi everyone,

    This is my first post on here, so I would like to say Hello and that I am very glad to be on the forum now.

    I am here because I am now the owner of a lovely dark Green BSA Safety shopper from circa 1950's.
    I also own a Kalkhoff Club gents bike ( The German version) - 1980's

    We we doing some servicing on the BSA the other day and sadly the 3 speed sturmey archer indicator spindle broke
    The little chain actually sheared off.

    I wondered if anyone has seen one of this type before? and does anyone have a spare one or one that I could buy?
    Please see attached pictures3 Speed Sturmey Archer Indicator.jpg

    Picture of actual Broken indicator - IMAG0341.jpg

    Thanks people, I am looking forward to much bike tinkering in the coming months.............

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    Hi Ram, and welcome to CV.

    That doesn't look like any indicator spindle that I am familiar with. Then again, I am only familiar with Sturmey's AW hubs.
    What model hub do you have?
    It should be stamped on the outside of the shell. Perhaps that would provide someone (more expert that I) with a starting point.
    - Auchen

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