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    Vintage Front Derailleurs for Sugino Triple

    What vintage FD's would shift a 26/36/46 Sugino Triple in friction mode? I am thinking of a pairing with a Suntour Vx Gt. RD with a 6 or 7 speed Suntour 14-34 freewheel.

    I have a Suntour Cyclone FD. How would that do?
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    The Cyclone should do fine. Much depends on making sure you have a triple spindle that is correct.

    You'll want the inner ring about as close in as possible. The Cyclone will need to be able to drop to the inner ring yet still reach the outer.

    The Cyclone is up to it. The rest is mostly fine-tuning the BB.
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    I've had good luck with this Suntour Comp-V that's been on my bike for years. Not high end or fancy but it's not ugly either. I'm running a 34/42/52. The longer cage deraillers are nice with a 26 but when you slide it down the seat tube to reach the 46 you might start hitting the chainstay.
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    My old '75 Fuji has it's original SunTour Compe-V with a Sakae 28/38/48 triple as well. It works just fine. I had been thinking of upgrading the FD to a Vx or Cyclone, but then I start to wonder why fix something that isn't broken...
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    I can't remember where I read something about the FD being the least important bike component.

    I think there are some FDs that are really nice looking- the 1st generation Cyclone GT- beautiful. The Mountech- it looks tough and , and it's light, way lighter than it looks. The XC Pro/Comp- cool looking and light. I really also dig the Shimano Z206. It looks very "polite," as it if it would go fine on a relatively fancy bike- but still handles triples. It was on all kinds of bikes from Trek's 400 line to the Voyageur.
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