As promised, I shall start to show you some of my bikes. Most of them are not Show Winner beauties, as I tend to buy neglected bikes from the 70' to early 90' and amuse myself to restore them and possibly bring them back to original specs.

Starting from the last acquisition, this Maffioletti here, despite having all the right pantos all over, got a really nasty repaint job (to disguise a stolen bike I'm afraid..): areas of the frame were masked then brush-painted metallic grey to what looks an attempt to create a two-colour scheme, while the chromed parts (fork, seatstays and chainstays) were similarly covered in metallic dark green.
The bike should have been all Campagnolo equipped, but now is a mix of Campy and Shimano; I am getting the right parts for it.
Adding shame to shame, it sports an MTB handlebar assy, the original one being lost (and very rare to find): this also will be corrected, if I find the right panto stem.
Since the pictures were taken, I started in the free-time to carefully remove the paint with acetone and nitro thinner: to my (bad) surprise, someone must have done the same thing before on the chromed fork, but with a Scotchbrite or similar since it turned out to be all scratched... I'll see if it it worth re-chroming at the end.
I shall keep this thread updated with the work, if of any interest...