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    Worth it to finish breaking down '77 Raleigh?

    I bought a banged up 1977 Raleigh Record Ltd, mostly for the good condition Araya alloy wheels, which I swapped onto my Motobecane mixte in place of the original steel wheels.

    I figured I'd break down the rest of the bike for parts and recycle the frame (it's a goner - seat stay broke and was re-welded UGLY; couple of dents in the down
    tube and seat tube).

    I'm not exactly experienced at this, and don't have all the tools I need, so I was able to pull off the Weinmann 610 brakes, stem, handlebar, front and rear derailers (Suntour GT).

    I don't have the tools to remove the fork or pull the crank. The fork looks to be in pretty good shape. The crank is pretty beat up.

    Think there's any call for a good, straight '77 Raleigh fork? Is it worth it to buy the tools, or drag the frame to the co-op and try to remove these parts myself? Or just call it good?

    Also, how does one remove the steel headbadge? It's in good condition, really pretty, and I'd like to keep it or sell it.


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    If the fork is black, I could use it.
    On old Raleighs, the English built ones, it's worth your while to get the bottom bracket cups and headset pieces as they have a unique thread. The BB spindle is also likely of a length unique to Raleighs. Then I get all the little nuts and bolts as they usually have the unique Raleigh 26 TPI threading.
    If it's a Raleigh USA then just leave it on the front porch at the Co-op and let them decide what they want.
    You have to carefully drill out the rivets to get the headbadge off. Or, once the fork is off, you can grind the backs off of the rivets.
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