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Thread: schwinn varsity

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    dddd, all true. The emphasis was on durability, not ride quality. After the apocalypse, all that will survive will be the cockroaches, the rats, and the EF Schwinns.
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    I think that the ride quality of EF Schwinns can be rather harsh at higher speeds, when the weight of the bike is no longer controlled by the weight of the rider, and the tires may not stay continuously in contact with a bumpy road surface.

    It becomes a situation of too much un-sprung weight (bike weight) that can cause the bike's wheels to bounce higher than the bumps that they run over, increasing the severity of the jarring that the rider feels.

    At lower speeds though, the ride quality is good, reflecting the frame's flexibility, slack angles and the relatively low pressure that it's wide tires should be pumped to.

    A bumpier road and/or a lighter rider will cause these bike's harsh ride to set in at a lower speed I imagine.

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