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    No Quarter

    Hi everyone,

    I started this thread to show a little about my business. I've read the forum rules but can't seem to find anything about these kinds of posts? If I'm not allowed very sorry mods! I can answer any paint-work, frame repair or vintage bike related question. Frame numbers, unidentified frames are also my area of expertise. I really enjoy anything classic lightweight related!

    I'd like to give a proper introduction, a little about myself, I've been a long time lurker.. My name is James Langton, I'm 20 from Leicester, UK. I found education extremely hard leaving with little to show for, but I've got a degree in the hard knocks.
    I've always had my own little businesses ever since a very young age, but I've always been trying to find something which combines the love of my bike and running my own business.

    On 31st March 2011, I received some investment money from my parents after convincing them I knew what I was doing, I didn't have a clue, just a dream in my head and a overly positive attitude.
    Soon after, I started No Quarter Bikes as a official business. I slipped, tripped and fell flat on my face, learning as I went along, but it was the only way. I wrote down exactly the services and products I wanted to offer, away I went. The plan was to do absolutely everything by hand, here in the UK. Britain has some of the finest craftsmen in the world and I went on the hunt for the best of the best.

    I've been working with professional riders, mechanics and engineers to produce some unique and tasteful goods which look cool, ride awesome and are the highest quality possible. I'm not technically or physically minded in alot of the services I offer, but I've put together an 'elite team' to get the best results.
    Originally starting out in my garage by myself, things have really picked up and I've just moved into a bigger premises where everything gets done in-house. I've taken on some new members of staff; wheel-builders, cycle mechanics, pin-stripers etc, each having over 20 years in the trade. We've got some seriously cool stuff coming up which I can't wait to release.

    Some of our previous work and vintage stock..

    2012 Mercian 631 lugless fresh out the booth on Friday.





    Beautiful Dave Moulton




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