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    1957 Elswick Hopper - Invincible "Modele de luxe"

    Hi All,

    I thought I might share my build. This was my first attempt at a full restoration and I sure did learn a thing or two along the way, (whatever you think it will cost, double it... then double it again for good measure). It was all worth it

    Elswick Hopper was a British Bike manufacturer.

    This is the original bike I got. It was a heap

    This is a picture of the head-badge before I cleaned it up.

    front wheel.jpg
    As can be seen the paint work, mudguard, and front wheel needed some TLC.

    rear wheel.jpg
    ... As well as the back section of the bike. I had rubbed enough grim off of the hub to make out what year the bike would most likely be. There is a serial number with a Y stamped on the frame where the seat post is which later confirmed the year.

    I'm guessing these were the original brake pads. They were pretty much worn down to the metal casing. Maker is John Bull.

    This is a picture of a cleaned up Sturmey Archer SW 1957 3 speed hub.

    Sadly these cranks had to be cut off as they were fused on. I kept the Bayliss Wiley Bottom Bracket cup and just replaced the cranks/chain ring with as close to period that I could find.

    This picture shows the rust and worn paint work. Another reason to just start fresh.

    These are the parts I have de-rusted. The handlebars need replating but that is pretty expensive

    This is a picture of the frame and forks back from the Powder coater. I chose 'Wine Berry'.

    whole bike almost finished.jpg
    This is a picture of the almost finished bike. I still needed to replace the indicator spindle as it was bent by the LBS when I had the rear wheel rebuilt cause I didn't want to waste more money on getting the wrong spoke length.

    whole bike finished.jpg
    The finished product. I attached a headlamp to this bike. I converted it from a dynamo power source to battery operated one with an external flip switch.

    Useful links for Elswick Hopper/SW Hubs:
    Gear Adjustments
    Sturmey-Archer Hubs, Adjustments
    Serial Numbers
    Perth Vintage Cycles: Elswick Bicycles : Serial number - v - Year of manufacture

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    Congratulations on restoring a proper English 3 speed.
    I hope it rides straight and true.
    I recommend a hocky-stick chain guard to keep your pant-leg from getting greasy.

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    When I saw the first few words in your title, I was transported back to when I first asked a question on this forum. Which was, yikes, almost ten years ago.

    The bike in question was also a 1957 Elswick Hopper, it turns out. The model was a Vampire. One of the coolest looking paint jobs and graphics I had ever seen. It was too small for me and I ended up selling it. To guy who told me he was starting a small E-H museum somewhere in the UK. Or maybe he was just BS' ing me, I don't know.

    Very nice old bike and great job on the restoration.

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    Nice job congrats on a great looking bike!!

    Bianchis '87 Sport SX, '90 Proto, '90 Campione del Fausto Giamondi Specialisma Italiano Mundo, '91 Boarala 'cross, '93 Project 3, '86 Volpe, '97 Ti Megatube, , '90 something Vento 603,

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