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Thread: Bianchi Forza

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    Bianchi Forza

    I'm new at Biking and found this Bianchi Forza, it rides perfect and a lot of the components seem to be new. Can you guys tell me more about this bike, cost and what not. My neighbor is an old school biker and since I'm a teacher he gave it to me (I'm not looking to sell it but want to know more about the bike. photo (1).jpg
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    Hello Welcome to the forums. Nice looking Bianchi. The black and slate would make it a '91 and it should have Shimano 500EX derailleurs and 400EX brakes. It was good basic bike with a full chrome moly frame and fork and alloy wheels selling for around $500.

    The pic isn't the greatest but it looks like it saw little service. Nice neighbor, take him a sixpack or nice Pino Noir. Did he help you adjust the saddle height?

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    Yes welcome to the C&V. Get the saddle height and stem length appropriate for your body geometry and you've got a great rider. I had an earlier Bianchi - not top shelf - but it went from rain bike to favored rider in a small, modest vintage fleet of 7. I kinda miss it. I like your color scheme. Vintage tubular wheels, Campy of course, would be a huge upgrade if you like a lighter handling feel. Since you got it free, reward yourself with one upgrade.

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    edit: ooppps - those Mavic rims really do have Record hubs, maybe Campy hubs and rims.

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