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    Gardin Road Bike

    I'm looking at buying a Gardin road bike. According to the seller its about 15 years old and has 105 components. The tubing is some sort of Columbus chromoly. Does anyone have an idea about what a bike like this one is worth and if it will be a nice ride? I plan on using it for fitness and group rides.

    Thanks for any help,

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    The bicycle in question appears to be a Gardin Loria, circa 1987-1989. Gardin was a small, reputable, Canadian firm that produced competition oriented bicycles. Tubing is probably Columbus Matrix or Cromor, which was typical for this range. Price will depend on mechanical and cosmertic condition and the local market. Original price would have been around $600 US. The bicycle should make an excellent candidate for your anticipated rides, provided it is has not been damaged or worn out.

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