My friend Lynette and I did the 103 mile route while our smarter halves stayed at the campsite. I didn't take many pictures as a late start and a few wrong turns put us on a tight schedule in order to get back in time to get the food that was included in the deal. BUT, it was a great ride overall. The scenery was beautiful (fall colors!), very little trouble from traffic (largely midlife crisis vehicles enjoying the last blast of nice weather), and my 39/23 low gear got me up every one of the hills, eventually. I rode the trusty '91 Eros with freshly-installed 700x28 Paselas, and didn't have any mechanical trouble the whole way. My only complaint was that my aggressive setup on that bike, which really helps me slice through the air on shorter rides, led to some neck pain toward the end of those 114 miles (wrong turns, remember?), and so I immediately raised the bars by about 1/2" when I got home.

Anyways, I'd do it again! Since some of you folks are from the Driftless Region, I wondered if any had also done the ride.

- Scott