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Clydesdales/Athenas (200+ lb / 91+ kg) Looking to lose that spare tire? Ideal weight 200+? Frustrated being a large cyclist in a sport geared for the ultra-light? Learn about the bikes and parts that can take the abuse of a heavier cyclist, how to keep your body going while losing the weight, and get support from others who've been successful.

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Entry level bike for clydesdale

I am 6'4" and 285. I have been riding mountain bike a little, but the rough terrain is killing me right now, maybe not so bad when I drop some weight, say 60 lbs or so.

I want to get an entry level road bike and I am looking at a Trek 1000. My question is, will it hold my weight? I see the '06 model has carbon seat post and fork, should I look at something different? Will it last with the additional weight load? My LBS has one and says he can make me a good deal, I think I might buy it if I won't break it....

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Well, to better answer your question, how much do you plan on riding it, If you don't plan on using the road bike that much, the 1000 should be fine. If you are planning to use it alot, I would suggest looking at the trek 1200, or 1500, b/c you can get some nicer components alot cheaper on a new bike than upgrading later.
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Well, before the temps dropped, i would ride 40-60 milles in a good week, maybe 20 miles at a time sometimes, all on a MTB with road tires. I plan to step it up a little after I bounce back from not riding in the winter months. I hope to get up to 60-80 miles in a week.

Where does this fall inthe "how much do I ride it" scale?
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Mr. Beanz
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If I were you, I'd make sure and get something that is upgradeable. One thing for sure is that with your weight, you're going to need a new rear wheel, sooner or later!

MAKE sure that the spacing on the 1000 is atleast 8 speed. Reason being that 8 speed is the same spacing as 9 or 10 incase you need a new hub to fit when you get a new rear wheel.

You will need a new wheel! I 've ridden at 255,now at 220! At 255, nothing but wheel problems at 4 thou miles a year. That and the low end models come with low end rims.

I still use a Velocity Deep V rim (30 mm tall) for durability. No issues whereas other low profile rims (Mavic op's) didn't last long for this clydesdale!

I would even look into a Cannondale entry level. The frames are more likely more durable than the high end. None of the thin wall superlight stuff as the high end are a bit too light for us Clydes!IMO!
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I am your size and weight and can offer a few suggestions. First, is to make sure you buy the correct size frame. You should not be riding anything smaller than a 62cm frame.
Second, make sure that the bike shop gives you some assurance that the wheelset on the bike will hold up to your weight. I ride standard 36 spoke wheels on touring rims and they hold up fine. I also ride larger tires. Minimum for your size should be 700x25. I like to ride 700x32/35. The tires give a softer ride and are less prone to flats.
If possible, try to make your test ride on your future bike is at least 1/2 hour long. A short 10-15 minute ride does not give you adequate time to get a feel for a new bike.
Lastly, and this is a personal opinion; try to find a bike that has a saddle and stem height that are as close to level as you can. This puts less strain on your neck, back, arms and wrist. The raised stem gives you a more upright riding position which makes for a more comfortable time in the saddle. Oh, and one more thing. If your bike comes with a narrow racing saddle, ask your bike shop if you can trade it towards something wider that is meant to accommodate a larger rider (Terry saddles are good, as are Brooks).

Here is a picture of my bike. Set up for a 6'4" 278lb rider.

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Thanks again for all the input, I took the plunge this morning. Went to the LBS set to buy the Trek 1000, but he had already sold it. I looked around a bit and found a Cannondale R700 with triple chain ring in a 58cm, which is a little taller than the Felt 58cm I tried. I took the Cannondale for a test ride and it fits nicely. The components were much better than the Trek or the Felt, Shimano 105 and Ultegra instead of Sora. It is also a 9 speed instead of an 8. Out the door for $1000, so I only spent another $350 or so....I am pleased.
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Ah, I came a little late. I'm 6'2" and started riding my Trek 1000 at 267. I needed sturdier wheels right quick, but other than that the bike's a trooper.

I've since done a 9 speed upgrade on it, and moved to a full Tiagra group instead of the 2200/Sora/Tiagra mix that comes stock.

I love it.
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I have a Trek 7200 (Hybrid) all stock except for the seatpost. I popped a spoke after 2,000 miles, other than that nothing has broke.
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