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Clydesdales/Athenas (200+ lb / 91+ kg) Looking to lose that spare tire? Ideal weight 200+? Frustrated being a large cyclist in a sport geared for the ultra-light? Learn about the bikes and parts that can take the abuse of a heavier cyclist, how to keep your body going while losing the weight, and get support from others who've been successful.

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Old 11-30-09, 12:27 AM   #501
Join Date: Nov 2009
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What a great site this is, and I want to thank everyone here for all the help and inspiration that I have drawn from everyones success stories on here.

I knew I had gained a bunch of weight over the last couple of years, but I refused to see it in the mirror. But after I saw the photos from our Labor Day weekend trip to the lake I finally admitted I needed to do
something. I have never biked in my life, but at 52 years old I know my knees would not hold up to running, so I thought I would give biking a try. A friend gave me an old mountian bike to try out for awhile. Two weeks later I
was at the LBS buying a road bike. September 23rd I started riding 5 to 6 times a week. Sep 15th I weighed 222, today Nov 29th I'm at 198. I just met my first goal of breaking 200 and now the target weight is
180 before we hit the lake again in May.

So far I have dropped 24 pounds in 9 weeks by averaging around 150 miles a week and some barbell weights at home 3 times a week. I cut out sodas(1000 calories a day of soda), cut most of the sweets, and
about 20% smaller portions at meals. Eating 2000 to 2300 calories a day now. I was drinking a ton of calories with soda, milk and juices. I cut all that and only drink water and small amounts of milk now.

My wife likes it ALOT. She never complained about my weight, but she sure has let me know she likes the new body. I cant wait to post the next set of pics when I reach 180 pounds.

10-7-09 222lb

11-29-09 198lb

1-31-10 now at 185lb

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Christening our boat a couple of years ago. I don't recall seeing much more than 250 on the bathroom scale, but I think it was bottoming out (cheap crappy one that help me hide from the truth)!! Was also taking plenty of meds for BP and gout.

Been riding a bit over a year (started fall 2008). At 213lbs or so and kinda stable, but thinking about going for a hill climbing 190 or so for next season. Just need to cut back on the fried turkey.

At about 205 doing my first TT in Spring 2010.

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Here are the only pics I have right now. The before is from a cruise in March 2008, and is pretty representative of where I was at the start of this year at 345 pounds. (Although I may have been even bigger.) The after is from this summer, when I weighed 240. I'm now down to 215. I've been holding out for my goal weight of 210 before taking anymore pictures to post.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg Before.jpg (22.7 KB, 105 views)
File Type: jpg After2.jpg (52.3 KB, 114 views)
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Old 11-30-09, 12:53 PM   #504
Have bike, will travel
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Posts: 10,382
I was 248 lbs at the beginning of 2008;

I'm down to 200 today;

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Old 11-30-09, 04:27 PM   #505
Big Lug
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This picture shows me at about 400 Lbs. November 08, and ~300 Lbs. Last month.

This photo shows me at my largest. 452 Lbs. Back in Feb. 2005, and then in Sept during the MS-150 at around 320.

I m about 298 now. And i see no end in sight. I will do this forever!

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Old 11-30-09, 06:29 PM   #506
Clyde - Grinder
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Here's me so far, not quite after, have about 50-70 lbs to go. That super-sized purple marshmallow is me at 396 about 14 months ago. Bike gear is at Crater Lake (best century ever!) back in August.
Tux is about a month ago. Superman/Silver Surfer outfit is from my 1/2 Marathon finish yesterday at 265. Keep up the good work everyone!
Gigantor.jpgCrater lake_n.jpgtux.jpgmarathonman.jpg
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Old 05-08-10, 09:08 AM   #507
Desert Storm
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wow, reading the posts here still sparks in me the same inspiration I felt more than a year ago when I joined this forum. I was 305 lbs at the time and was feeling like there was possibly no way I could lose a single pound. I had tried cycling in the past but it didn't last long (like most of my weight loss adventures). But when I saw how enthused people were about this activity n this board, I too felt the urge to join and become a part of it. While the process of weight loss has been tiring and frustrating, it has also shown me how much fun and rewarding it can be when you have a support group. The 2008 pic is of me when I was close to 300+ in Paris and the next one is me around 210 lbs in the beautiful island of Mauritius. Hopefully soon I'll make it down to 160. Cheers :)

ignore the annoying staring at the sun look :P
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Old 05-08-10, 10:42 PM   #508
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I don't have a before picture, but there was my after picture(I'm in the blue/black shirt), at around 170 pounds/6'1''ish height, something like 80-90 pounds of weight loss.
however, after some very debilitating pain in my back and legs/feet, I have rapidly increased up to 210 pounds.
I'm definitely needing to get back to at least 190 by the end of July, but 170-180 is my "preferred weight".
any tips?
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Old 05-09-10, 02:10 AM   #509
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This thread is quite inspirational.. i went through all 21 pages and first i would like to say WOW. CONGRATULATION TO EVERYONE HERE. you have done an AMAZING JOB!

a little about myself i am 23 years old now and in highschool i only weighted 160 LBS than after i graduated and bought my first car i started to gain weight.. had some hardships in my life and than skyrocketed to almost 100 lbs heavier.. still after doing nothing about it i hit 270 pounds and realize that it was time for a change. my health was terrible my habits were terrible and i just felt terrible about myself

so i started to eat better and i started cycling and walking..

i weighted in at 270 Lbs in January of this year and now i am currently at 220 and still going!

im sorry to say i have almost 0 before pictures because i dreaded getting in front of the camera so bad that i refused to let anyone take a photo of me.

i find this thread so inspirational from reading people saying they only road for 5 miles.. than added 5 etc etc etc.. i am riding around 20ish miles and i feel so weak like i should be doing more hearing people doing 80 to 100 miles etc but after reading this thread i feel a lot better and feel that slowly but surely i will get there as well.

so i would just like to extend a big THANK YOU. to everyone who has been nice enough to share their stories.
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Old 05-09-10, 05:36 AM   #510
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First picture is from 5 years ago when I was at my largest 305lbs, and also my un healthiest. I was smoking 2 packs of 25 ciggs a day plus 4 or 5 Captain Black Sweets. Then top that off with about 5 or 6 cases of 24 beer a week oh and don't forget about the 6 cans of coke and 4 or 5 Tim Hortons double double. Second picture sees me at 240lbs on a ride to my cottage, last one has me around 210, I'm now at 195lbs but have no picture as of right now. I'm gunning for 180 by end of this summer.

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Old 05-18-10, 04:40 PM   #511
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My weight loss journey started 7 months ago and have dropped down 95 lbs since then just by being a dedicated cyclist. I feel so much better now. This past weekend i actually won my first Duathlon. FIRST PLACE! me...the guy that could not even jog a few months ago!

still working hard to finally say farewell to the Clydesdale's. Start weight 309

here are some before and after pics.

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Old 05-22-10, 03:17 AM   #512
Giant XTC SE
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Not sure it is time but this is the progress of about 2 1/2 months. 391, Maybe a tad more... 338 today. Still have 100 lbs to lose. It's basically the same mountain. Firts pic is on Feb. I didn't make it past the first 100m and I was struggling. I felt shame and pity towards myself. Although I have always been a big guy I have never been handicapped by my size and on that day I realized I was! The next pic is me 55lbs smaller. I did the whole 3km in and out, withough difficulties. I am nowhere near where I want to be but I can am a lot further from where i never want to be again!
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File Type: jpg IMG_7083..jpg (96.9 KB, 86 views)

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Old 05-27-10, 08:52 PM   #513
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What an inspiration!

This forum has been a Godsend for me. I'll keep my story short. I was an active individual through high school and even into my first couple years of college. I was a state champion wrestler in 1989 at 119 lbs (I'm 5'4"). After marrying in 1995 I just lost focus and forgot about nutrition and exercise. I've spent the last 15 years eating whatever I've wanted whenever I've wanted. I worked long, long hours and the stress and pressures of life wore on me. As of a month ago, I have HAD IT! I'm SICK to death of being fat! I'm TIRED of feeling terrible, taking pills, having NO energy. Last summer I participated in a couple of sprint triathlons that intrigued me into thinking I could actually become what I was before. This spring I set a goal to be WAY more active. I found that riding a bike evened the playing field. I'm kinda slow on the bike but NOTHING like I am on the run. I love to swim so that hasn't been a real issue. This summer I will be doing three sprint triathlons, and 2 century bike rides. I've decided that I'm not going to worry so much about the weight and just focus on eating better and staying active EVERY DAY! I started at 256 lbs. Remember, that's at 5'4" tall. I'm a big cannon ball. I'm now 244 and have a LOT of drive to continue this journey I've begun. If ya'll don't mind, I'd like to continue giving updates here to keep me motivated. Thanks for all the stories as they real motivate me to not give up. --Ryan
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Old 05-31-10, 09:30 AM   #514
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was 490lbs now 308lbs...want to get down to about 260-265...worth noting i am 6 ft 10ins tall and i did have surgerey but,cycle miles in a very hilly state,play badminton and swim most days....will dig out some pix
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Old 06-06-10, 01:05 PM   #515
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Xmas 2006 at about 330 or so (wasn't weighing myself much)IMG_0364..jpg

More recently Nov 2009 at about 245 (which is where I still am but more to come off!


Great stories in these forums.
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My before...

BRIAN & JENN'S WEDD&.jpg okay so this is me at my wedding at 310 lbs. I will update as I make progress.... pray for me!? I need it

okay so its the last day of the 2010 Tour de France. I wanted A Schleckster to win, but hats off to Contador. I will dearly miss Armstrong, but cant wait to see if he does a TV show. We are talking about having cable shut off, not only is there nothing on but I am too tired when I get off my bike to watch TV. Well its been a couple months since I started bike commuting. I started at 310 and am now at 292. Losing slowly but digging a trench yesterday my performance on the jackhammer has doubled. And my pants are a bit baggy. Its 105 dgrees as I work in the oilfields so its hard to keep up the bike commute, but I keep telling myself I am still doin it and this is the worst of it, its only gonna get easier. I pray often for the willpower. I see you others here doin it and you inspire me. Forget the pro, elite cyclists, I would love to ride with any one of you guys, love to call you friends. You are the answer to my prayers! God bless you!

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Kelly Drive Amateur
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wow, love looking at these pics. hats off to all of you!
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I just finished all 21 pages of this thread and cant wait to get my bike. I was born skinny as can be. Then I got my tonsils removed in kindergarten. I haven't been a healthy weight since then (I'll be 21 in November.) Despite various sports in high school I never managed a healthy weight, however these sports were wrestling and football, neither of which were aerobic exercise as much as I needed (but I was plenty strong!) I maxed out at 240 freshman year. I don't drink soda or eat ice cream anymore, and through various attempts at trying to be healthy I'm at 220. However in wrestling we get certified to tell us what our lowest healthy weight is based on those pinch tests and stuff. 3 years ago I was certified at 145. I haven't gotten any taller or the like, So I set my goal weight at 160, to allow for some muscle and some growth. I haven't been able to reach it. I'm getting my first real bike this weekend, and starting to bike commute (only 3 miles). My work has showers and I have my own locker, and I start at 10:30 and get out around 7, which means I won't have problem with traffic or having to get up to early. I can't wait. My dad and his friend just turned 50, and his friend bikes, runs, something, everyday and you can't tell he's over 40. Not so with my dad, although he has tried walking to keep fit. With my brother and I biking, maybe he will decide to bike too.

Heres me at my max (240):

Note the hair weighed at least a pound.

Heres a more recent pick at about 220 on my trip to visit my gf at the end of her semester abroad in Italy:

A little progress, but I want to be 160 so bad. Wish me luck getting my bike, and I'll have some before afters up later in the summer. After reading this post I know I can do it.
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wild animals
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Hey wxduff, I doubt you'll need showers with a 3-mi commute! If you go kind of slow, and it isn't too hot out, you will be fresh as a daisy. I used to ride a hideous (mountainous, even?) 11 miles to work and I smelled fine If you shower at home first and then refresh (maybe wet wipes and deodorant) at work, it's no big deal at all. (I'm assuming that you wear cycling clothes and change at work...I never rode in work clothes so I have no idea about that.) I wish I had a 3-mile commute! I'd probably still be a bum and drive but .. it'd be nice anyway.

Oh, PS: I had really long hair so I kept a blow-dryer and brush at work. I had a bag of grooming stuff in my locker, along with spare underwear or whatever in case I forgot to bring it that day. I learned a lot in the commuting forum, which you've probably visited. If you haven't, go check it out! They're awesome.

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Well my commute will be around 10, and in PA its pretty humid around that time of day, at least much more then I'm used to from upstate NY. And if there is one thing that makes me sweat, its humidity. And who said I would only do 3 miles everyday? I'm going to look at bikes tomorrow (a day earlier, i forgot I have tomorrow off instead of Sunday this week. I'll make a thread when I get my bike, thanks for all the inspiration, one thing I've never had in my weight loss struggle.
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Originally Posted by wxduff View Post
Well my commute will be around 10, and in PA its pretty humid around that time of day, at least much more then I'm used to from upstate NY. And if there is one thing that makes me sweat, its humidity. And who said I would only do 3 miles everyday? I'm going to look at bikes tomorrow (a day earlier, i forgot I have tomorrow off instead of Sunday this week. I'll make a thread when I get my bike, thanks for all the inspiration, one thing I've never had in my weight loss struggle.
If you want humid, visit Pittsburgh or Philadelphia in August. :-(
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I weighed around 365 six years ago and now weigh about 195...After I have my tummy tuck later this year,I'll be about 180.During high school I tore my Acl very badly during football practice one day.I had several complications and to make a long story short,was put on several medications that made me gain substantial weight.
Over the next year,I became very depressed and continued to have bad luck with illnesses(chronic Pancreatitis,Purpura(ITP), and kidney issues. By the time I was 20,I hadn't left the house during the day in over two years.Finally,I was able to get healthy and be weaned off most of the medicines I was on and very slowly lost a bit of weight but remained very heavy and depressed.
When I turned 21,I met a young girl that was a few years younger than me.She made me smile..She made me feel good about myself...She gave me the confidence to start over again....She was beautiful in every way and it became my goal to date her some day.
I resolved I would lose all of my weight for her and I did. I started out by walking everyday and eating a modified diet...I then moved on to jogging and finally on to cycling. I started riding a classic Colnago Master Light everyday.
By this time I'm sounding lame lol but needless to say,I was successful and I did actually date her for a while before we parted ways but I will always remember her as the person who saw past what I looked like and instead,saw me for who I was.

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Heres my transformation

Was a 300lb strongman/weightlifter. Turned 40 years old and just couldnt take the slow, fat feeling I had all the time. Down to 255lbs (6'3") now and getting close to 10% bodyfat - Good stuff!!!!!!!!!!! I really took the time to get fitted for a mtn bike 6 months ago (Giant trance X-2 - outstanding bike) and got hooked so fast I recently bought a road bike (Bianchi Infinito Ultegra - another outstanding bike - amazing what a good fitting does, isnt it). Anyway, just did my first ride with a buddy (another member here - I'll let him chime in as I dont know his screen name) and I'm hooked. The first few pics I was in the 295 to 300lb range. The second two pics are at my current weight of 255lbs

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You're fantastic guys. This is really great inspiration.
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I'm glad I found this site, and even more so this thread. I recently bought a road/tri bike to finally solve a few problems, namely fitness. I've always been a big guy, ever since I can remember. My current height has been 5'10" since I stopped growing vertically. But my weight has fluctuated since I can remember. I dropped down to 195 my senior year of highschool, back in 2003, but after I got to college and discovered good beer and became adventurous with foods, I jumped up to around 240. I would gain and lose, gain and lose, and would hover around 220-230. I would start working out, but would focus more on weight lifting and not fat burning/ weight loss. And then I would get lazy/busy and stop going. Excuses were easier than trips to the gym, even when it was a 5 minute walk across campus. My last year of college was one full of stress and running around frantically making sure I had everything taken care of for graduation, resulting in unintentional weight loss. And January last year, I tried to take control of things and started a 30 day diet of just veggies, lean meats, and whole grain food items. This worked great. I dropped down to 190, lost the "bloated" look in my face, and dropped back down to a 32"-34" waist and could cram into a size M t-shirt. The thing is, it was temporary, and I lost the light padding, but not the stuff that has been there for a while. And then I met a girl. Rather, THE girl. After we started dating, we kept up with the healthy eating and cooking, but that soon faded as we found it easier to go out to eat or get something fast since we spent all our time together. And with a host of amazing memories, came the lbs. So, to try and take control of things, I bought my first bike in probably 15 years. I found a very lightly used Raleigh Passage 5.0 and road the hell out of it. I was determined to get slim again for my lady. Well, I road until my fiance got back to the states and then road off and on. Again, excuses were easier than trips to the bike park. And the weight started to come back again. We both tried diets, limiting foods and going out to eat. And since it was winter, and colder, I made excuses to not get out to the park. After the new year, I told myself I have to get a hold on things. I bought a 2006 Specialized Transition Multi-sport and set a goal. After a rough start with road bike since riding conditions were not ideal (read: more excuses), I took the bike for the first >10 mile ride and fell in love with it. And not a moment too soon. I'm currently at around 225, probably 235 when I bought the new bike. My fiance and I have said "enough is enough" and have set goals for weight loss and we're determined to meet them. We're planning to start competing in some shorter races in the area (once she drops her old bike and gets a road bike) and need to shed the lbs to be more competitive. I weighed myself this morning, 220lbs. I want to be 185 by the end of the year. Not a huge amount of weight to lose, but I want to get back down to a lean weight and look good for my lady.

And now some pics:

About 2 months after we started dating, still around 195.

And this is a few months ago. I'd like to say I was just packing on the winter padding, but that would be a lie.

And this was just back in April.

I'll try to get a super current one. So far I'm slimming down in the sides of my midsection and the arms and legs are toning up. But it's a work in progress. I hope I can keep updating this every month or so with progress photos.
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