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Clydesdales/Athenas (200+ lb / 91+ kg) Looking to lose that spare tire? Ideal weight 200+? Frustrated being a large cyclist in a sport geared for the ultra-light? Learn about the bikes and parts that can take the abuse of a heavier cyclist, how to keep your body going while losing the weight, and get support from others who've been successful.

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Originally Posted by momod View Post
not necessarily bad post workout its just very dense from a calorie standpoint and contains alot of sodium
Hey momod, I just noticed that you're in Tucson too.. We should do a ride one of these weekends.
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Originally Posted by Air View Post
Hey Grim!

Those pics aren't coming through for me but you probably want this thread anyway
Well thats the thread I thought was posting too I think I followed a link from the post and got crossed up. I guess I had a Blond Moment (to bad I'm not blond).
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I've read all on this post--or at least tried to understand some of it!--and am still frustrated and confused. After seeing my weight loss go drop 15 pounds a month the first 3 months to 10 pounds over the last almost 2 months, I am ready to scream!

And, I've tried it all--more calories, less calories. More carbs, less carbs. More riding, less riding. Faster riding, slower riding. Interval riding, non-interval riding. Nothing seems to click. Oh, sometimes I'll get a drop of 2 pounds overnight or 3 pounds in a week--then back to no loss for weeks at a time.

I am beginning to wonder if long-distance (long to me!) cycling is compatible with weight loss since I have to eat more to power my rides. I'm doing between 100-130 miles a week now, and I have to begin to question if that is what has stalled my weight loss.

Please--other Clydes and Athenas! Tell me it ain't so! I love to ride and don't want to go back to 15 mile rides all the time. But I am really at the end of my chain here.
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I'm finding input--> output and salt has more to do with my weight loss than anything else. And by that I mean literally what goes in and what comes out of you. If you're not eating enough fiber to push everything else out you may not notice losses as much and notice weird trends. Also plateauing really, really sucks.

How do your clothes feel? How much do you weigh now? Caloric intake? Making sure that intake is REALLY the right intake? (No matter how much I count if I order/takeout food I gain weight - period. I try not to eat out anymore, I don't go to dinner get togethers because I just can't seem to get an accurate count).

At 100-130 miles a week if you're keeping up a decent balanced diet you might be putting some muscle on which won't show up on a scale. What kind of effort do you do when you're riding? Do you use a heart monitor?

Also you may just be plateauing and have to mix up the cycling - some sprints along with longer rides.

HOWEVER - 5 pounds a month is STILL 5 pounds a month in the right direction. The harder you are on yourself about a positive trend of loss the more likely you'll get really fed up and reach for the cheeseburger and undo what you have.
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I have nothing to add other than thanks to the guys contributing to this thread, even though there is some solid science at the foundation it seems that everyone is having different results and there is no clear answer on how to lose weight. If nothing else this has been interesting and motivating reading. I wish I'd read it before lunch, I may have made a better choice.
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I mentioned on another thread that I monitor calories closely--keep to 1200 a day plus eat what I burn up so the deficit comes from decreased basic intake. I don't eat at--i keep sodium under 1600 a day if I can. ETc. ETc. ETc.

However, I am building leg muscles--I know that! Even though you can't see my thighs yet because of the fat still there. I can "feel" the muscles and know they're there and growing. And, my calves are starting to look great! I'm going light weight training for upper body and core 2x a week that has my arms just starting to tone as well.

I keep telling myself it's the muscles, it's the muscles, it's the muscles. And I know I'm losing, just not fast enough for me I guess. SIGH

Not giving up this time though! My this time next year, I'll be an Athena Alumni!
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Tom Stormcrowe
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Squirrel, you're just at a "set point" right now. Your body was here fr a while and it feels comfortable there + yes, you are building muscle as well as burning fat, so occasional bouts of plateau are normal....

What you can do is shock the body out of it by varying your routine. Do some periodization drills of varying intensity and duration. In short, break the adaptive syndrome cycle. You've just hit a threshold of maximum efficiency, so change the variables. Here are some useful links for you:
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