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    Rim drive trainers vs. 1up trainer?


    I had another thread going on trainers, but because this is a bit of a different Q, I thought I'd post a separate one.

    I'd like to have a dual purpose trainer/commuter. Because its winter now, I'd like to have knobbies on this bike, and avoid switching the rear tire daily. As such, I was told about rim drive trainers. After a search on Google I found Minoura's rim drive trainers.

    Before, I was planning on getting a 1up/Kinetic trainer as they seem to get the best reviews. Can anyone comment on Minoura's rim drive trainers compared to the 1up/Kinetic?

    I've read two negatives which don't excite me about getting a rim drive, 1) the resistance is far lower than wheel driven trainers, and 2) squeeking/noise from the rim contact (dirty rims) - because this will be a commuter as well, I don't want to have to thoroughly clean the rims every time (a quick wipe is ok).

    Thank you
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