I am around 200lbs. I basically destroyed a set of lightweight American Classic Sprint 350 wheels. Went through 2 sets of bearings in 2 years (over about 5000 miles) and the hubs are now trashed. I don't abuse my equipment, they just couldn't handle the weight (to be fair, they do post a 190lbs weight limit but 10lbs shouldn't make a huge difference). Looked for a long time and Mavic Kysiriums SL or Elites turned out to be top of the list, that is until I found very affordable wheels that are just as good as the Mavics but about half the price, only $479 direct from www.williamscycling.com and they are just as light at 1590grams. They are the 30x model.

I have emailed back and forth with the owner a lot and he really has a great product at an awesome price.
These wheels are stiff yet very forgiving. I like to ride some decent distance over chippy roads and I now call these wheels my "cadillac" wheel. No weight penalty on them and they are rated up to 225 lbs, but I am sure he could build you something that holds even more.

I am up to 500 miles on them as of today and they are simple awesome. I know I sound like a commercial, but I am so pleased that I just wanted to share.