Well it looks like a new cycling season is, or should be underway soon.

I am hoping for the first ride of the season this coming week, if we get rain Monday, then Wednesday looks good at +5C. Rain will wash the salt off the road, I don't like winter riding, because the salt on the roads encourages bicycle corrosion, and while I don't care if the car Rusts In Pieces, I don't want corrosion on the bike!!!!!

I do need a couple of things for this year, I would like a bike computer, MEC has them as cheap as $11.50, this is so that I can clock distance, I don't care as much about speed, but knowing that a particular ride was 99km or 101km would be nice

I notice that MEC has computers as cheap as $11.50, but does a $11 bike computer actually work? I guess if your only looking at trip distance it's probably okay. I also want to get a different set of tires, considering I ride an MTB, mostly on the street, I would like a smooth tire -- thinking of the Tioga City Slickers, at $20 per tire, they should do the job with less rolling resistance, the back tire needs replacing anyway

I also want to add fenders and a rear rack, fenders to prevent the skunk stripe on wet days, and a rack to allow some cargo capability, places like the grocery store or to allow me to take things on longer trips. I figure more rides, and longer rides will help to reduce my clyde like porportions.....

So what about everyone else?