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    The good, the bad, AND THE NEW BIKE!

    Well, still in the adventures of looking for a new bike.

    The bad: The 2005 Mongoose Pro Tyax Comp I ordered on Amazon came back undeliverable for unspecified reasons which really stuck in my craw good.

    The good: Well I should say GREAT! WE HAVE A BIKE SHOP! While griping about my cancelled order to a coworker who coaches, he informed me that I should go to a little local atheletics shop which has basically always existed to supply local sports teams with equipment. Seems one of the owners had gotten into riding and had hired a mechanic and started carrying KHS bikes! So I scooted by this afternoon, looked around,and made a decision...

    The new bike: Hopefully the long nightmare of the Clunk is finally over! I made arrangements to purchse a KHS Alite 300. Its a unsold 2006 model, which earned me a bit of a discount. Its not as high-end as the Mongoose, but its a good basic path/trail bike. Assuming a disaster doesn't happen, I go to make the final purchse tomorrow assuming the mechanic gets in to make sure everything is aligned and tightened correctly. I rode it up the street today and it handeled great. Hopefully, by the time the weather clears, I'll have a new ride!

    2006 KHS Alite 300

    Adjustable Shocks Rock!

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