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    Quote Originally Posted by lil brown bat
    Never said you said It's just something I often caution dieting newbies about, as a way of counteracting a lot of the marketing out there, which seems to want to tell people that they can get something (a delicious flavor) for nothing (no nutritional downside). As a result, a lot of people who set out to "eat healthier" end up building their diet around these fake foods. The marketing is pervasive, so it's worth warning people about, I think.
    Excellent point. It reminds me of those folks who got sucked into the "low fat" craze of the early 1990s. Eating low-fat cookies to excess doesn't help you lose weight.

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    Love all the great ideas, I might look into doing the 40 mile ride that I was told about in here.. I guess you do have to have goals. and really , I need to switch to water it is a lot better for me. I just need a network of other's like this to help me along the way.. you guys and gals are great thanks for all the advice and please feel free to give some more if you can.


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