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    My seatpost can't slip, it's as long as the tube

    I'd love to take credit for this, but it was an accident. My LBS ordered me
    a Thompson, wasn't sure of the length, got me the longest one.

    It was too long.

    So they cut 1/8" off and now I have a post that will never, ever slip.

    I feel more connected to the bike. Which is good, it feels more efficient.
    Who would have thought a seatpost could bob a little? However, I feel the bumps
    a little more.

    Slipping seatposts has been a problem for me for years. If you remember the Italy pics I threw up, the darn seatpost has slid down in a couple.

    Anyway... if you have problems with the post slipping, getting a real long seatpost might be worth trying.

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