Just a quick story. 2 years ago I bought my first "really nice" wheels. A set of Mavic Ksyrium (sp?) SL's. I am 208 lbs. and 6'4" tall. I have killed a set of Bontragers and another "no name" set had the eyelets ripped out of the rear wheel. I have a nice set of carbon sew ups but they need to be retrued every 200 miles or so.

This past weekend I had a wreck while heading to my usual Saturday ride. There was a water valve that stuck up 4" and was hidden in the road. I struck it HARD at 20 mph. It popped both front and rear tires and sent me tumbling down. I am going to be OK after a few weeks rest. The bike will be fine. The wheels?

Other than a scratch where the impact occured, they are perfect. They do not even need to be retrued. WOW! These are my daily riders. They have about 16,000 miles on them.

If any clydesdale is looking for a great set of daily use wheels, and they have only enough $$$ for one good set, you might take a look at these.

This is just my story. Maybe you have had other experiences. Thought this might be useful to someone else.