So I decided to try these out... I'm 255# and these things have 20 spokes in the rear and 16 up front. I know I'm probably asking for trouble, but from the reviews I've read, these things are supposed to be super strong. I e-mailed the company before I bought them and the owner responded that they use a 13 gauge (2.3mm) spoke and that he has a test rider in my weight range that doesn't break spokes.

In the past, I tried a set of Ksyrium SSC SL's- I loved those wheels, but after only 5 or 6 rides, I broke a spoke ... with only 20 spokes, limping home is not an option! So I went back to my old reliable 36 spoke Open Pros (custom built) and sold those wheels. But those wheels always stuck in my mind- the were so quick and responsive. I was by no means fast- I still got passed by most other roadies, but I definitely increased my average MPH.

So I got the Neuvations last week- I figured since they were about a pound heavier than the Ksyriums SSL SC's I had, I didn't get my hopes up too high... but I got a very pleasant surprise... these things felt great- quick, responsive, and stiff. I went for a ride and I was able to not use my top 2 cogs at all where I normally need to use them. I am definitely impressed by these wheels. The only problem was that I am so paranoid from breaking spokes, I would react to every sound I heard checking to see if I busted a spoke.

I hope in 6 months I can post a follow up stating that the reviews were right on and these wheels can support a big guy like me! Otherwise, it's back to my Open Pros and Deep V's!