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    Help - possible frame purchase (marinoni)

    Hi guys ... not sure where else to put this, so I'll just stick it in this forum.

    I'd been planning to buy a Surly Cross Check sometime in the spring, and was looking around for an old Marinoni frame as well. The idea was the Cross Check would be my training / long ride / possible fireroads bike and I might make the Marinoni my about town SS.

    However, I have come across a Marinoni Piuma frame (no fork) for a reasonable amount of money in the right size. If I built this bike up, would it do for training / long ride purposes? ... still leaving me without a SS or a bike capable of handling off road conditions. Oh well ... it's a Marinoni!, a company for which I hold a soft spot.

    I guess what I'm asking is about the Piuma model ... will the geometry be difficult, or is there anything else I should be aware of / think about before buying this frame? Being a frame only, no chance to ride it first. I might always get the Cross Check as well, but buying this frame would put that purchase back until the following season.

    Thanks guys!
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