I'm collecting links of 700c/29"/622etrto frames and bikes that have disc brake tabs (for the complete bikes, drop bars and disc brakes must be standard equipment).

This is just to satisfy my idea that you can truly have one bike that does most things very well, i.e., road, tour, cyclocross, trail riding/off-road, commute. Also keeps my complete loathing of rim brakes at bay.

I've made a start but, especially on the complete bikes section, I've stalled.

To help this along if there's anyone out there with a few moments of interweb time could they please post the manufacturer, model name and any links they find.

I've added full suspension 29" frames as I'm looking forward to having truly one bike for everything. Loosen the cables, swap the bars, tighten new cables, swap the wheels and you're away. Even quicker if you get some of those cable splitters for sepperable bikes.

Enough verbiage, here's the link - drop bar, discbrake, 700c, off the peg