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    This is the year

    So I have decided that this is the year I will get more active and hopefully lose some weight. I am more active then a mushroom but some days not by much, and with my current job I'm mostly sitting down all day (Technical Support). I do commute to work in the decent months (usually March till December) about 8k total and I ride with the kids after work, but that's more like coasting with the occasional peddle for balance unless I have the trailer hitched.

    So while the white stuff is on the ground I have been planning. Instead of taking the direct route to work I will take a longer way I have calculates two routes two work, increasing the total distance to 20K, 10k each segment. I have also planned a few routes that will get me 30K, 60k, 100k, 130K. My hope is by the time summer hits I will at least be at the 100k on the weekends with the 130K mixed in for good measure.

    Anyway I though I would share and I'll keep you all updated come spring.

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    Good on ya!
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