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    Shopping for commuter/tourer need advice

    Hello, I'm shopping for a full time commuter, part time touring bike. I also want to use the bike for fast club rides. My commute will be 20 miles round trip over rough paved country roads. I've decided a cyclocross bike would be the best route to go for me. I've narrowed by list down to a few choices. Now for my delema. I'm 6'0" and around 300lbs. A couple of the bikes I am considering have carbon forks and carbon seatposts. Is this something I should be worried about? Cyclocross bikes are built to take a beating so I don't know which way to go. The bikes I'm considering are,

    Specialized Tricross Sport.

    And the Lemond Poprad Disk.

    The wheels will be upgraded to Open Pro/Ultegra on either bike. Should I keep these bikes in consideration or cross them off my list. $1300 is around how much I want to spend. Lemonds are known for having a longer top tube which is the reason I am willing to pay a little more for it. I'm 6 feet tall with a 29" inseam so a longer top tube on a smaller size bike would be ideal for me I beleive. Oh and the Specialized frame is aluminum and the Lemond is steel if that helps. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Randy

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    The Lemond is a good choice but I personally wouldn't consider a bike without disc brakes (the tricross). The CF components may be ok but do check them for weight limits, if any. I don't think there's been any negative reports on the clyde forums about the Lemond components.

    Apart from that good luck and let us know how the search goes.

    Some more 700c, drop bar, disc brake bikes:

    trek portland -

    cannondale cross xr7 -

    Brodie romax -
    brodie ronin -

    lemond poprad disc -

    rocky mountain sherpa -

    kona sutra -

    orbea diem drop disc -

    focus cross disc -

    devinci caribou2 -

    raleighusa sojourn -

    rei novara element -

    co-motion mazama -

    rocky mountain Solo CXD -

    rotwild rs1cx - (street bikes section)

    fixie inc. pureblood -

    maxx roadmaxx custom (you choose the color and parts at the LBS and the factory puts it together, i.e., not a custom frame) - (road - roadmaxx custom)

    Salsa la Cruz -
    shameless POWERCRANK plug
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    carbon - For get it, go with steel. You might even look at the vintage board for advice on a 1970s frame.

    Consider an internally geared hub, much less maintenance than a derailer.

    Consider Phil Wood hubs and BB.

    I like those saddles with springs on the back, and handle bars that have me sitting upright.

    You might also consider a folding bike like xooter swift (ask for steel frame)
    2000 Montague CX, I do not recommend it, but still ride it.
    Strida 3, I recommend it for rides < 10mi wo steep hills.
    2006 Rowbike 720 Sport, I recommend it as an exercise bike.
    1996 Birdy, Recommend.
    Wieleder CARiBIKE (folding), decent frame.

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