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    PD Registration & Claremont, NH

    I called up the local PD (the chief buys his bikes at the same LBS) and asked them if I had to physicaly bring my new bike down to register it or could I just bring the bill of sale down w/ s/n.

    She said: Oh, just come down and get the paperwork and get a label.


    Is it just my twisted mind OR... can there be.....a way to launder stolen bikes.........

    You could work this system over like a piece of dough in a KitchenAid!

    Oh! When the light is right, I HAVE to take a pic of the bike rack in Claremont, NH.

    I'm not a photographer, but you HAVE to see this! A town that thinks it is an up an coming community, a ...I' not even going to follow.

    I might need a helping hand on how to load pics to the board though.
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    in the city that i work in, bike registration is usually used by adult males who cannot get drivers licenses..mostly parolees.. the p/d doesn't call you if your registered, stickered bike is recovered. and it is used as a controlling the silly guys who don't follow the standard traffic laws.

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