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    The Official Ride Report: Lookout Mountain and Tour de Pike

    Well, as you know, I did two rides over Spring unofficial, a 34 mile ride in Chattanooga and up Lookout Mountain.

    The Lookout Ride was a killer for this Indiana Flatlander, with 1800 feet of HARD climb! I was still hurting from it when I started Tour de Pike. Chattanooga, though, is turning into a Cycle Friendly town, it looks like. There are even sensors for bikes in the Tunnels on Brainerd Rad that activate flashers and tell auto drivers to move to the left lane and not crowd a cyclist.

    And off to Georgia we go. I met up with ModoVincere for the ride, a fellow BFer.

    Tour de Pike kicked off with a bagpiper, by the way. He's also one of the local lawyers. Not a bad Piper either

    All in all, it was a nice ride! I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope to be able to go again next year! Now, here's some better video from the ride.

    Any of you Clyde's and Athena's in the southlands might want to join me next year!

    PS: As an after thought.....the dirt roads are the roads that Google Maps routed us in to Barnesville on (Where we were staying for the ride....closest motel!) The Country Hearth Inn in Barnesville also is the only public access Internet in the area with their High Speed Wireless.
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    I didn't know about Tour de Pike. It's right down the road from me. I've been looking for some local cycling events and this one just flew under my radar. I'm definitely going to be there next year.
    I'm trying to go from Fat Guy Riding a Bike to Cyclist and I think it's working.

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