Just a quick review of the Maxxis Xenith 'Hors Categorie' road tires. When I got my CAAD9, I got a set of Velocity Deep V's. I have been riding on Michelin Krylions for about year and was just going to put them on the new wheels as well as they are great tires and held up under my big butt pretty good.

My real issues with the Michelin's on the Deep V's was they were so damn hard to get on or off and on the road it was quite a chore. When I had one of my Michelin's sliced on a ride, I really did not want to replace it due to the issues with the fit on the rim.

I decided to just run the stock tires I got with my bike, but I did not like how they rode, and started looking for something else. One thing I did like about the stock tires, Maxxis Fuse, they were a breeze to get on the rims. After doing some research, I decided on getting some of the Maxxis Xenith 'Hors Categories'. They were favorable in weight, design to the Michelin Pro2 and Krylion's, and like the Fuse, are a real breeze to get on the rims. I picked mine up on eBay for $35 for the the pair. A pretty good deal considering some places are looking for $40 a pop.

I have about 125 miles on them now and while I have not ridden them in a downpour, they do have pretty good grip in some sandy corners I have hit, as well as some heavy water from a broken sprinkler that I had to ride through tonight on a corner. They roll really nice and to me feel very much like the Pro2\Krylion's.

I will have to repost with a wear update later, but they are suppose to have pretty life and be fairly solid against flats. I know Maxxis is not known in the road tire world, but they have a pretty good rep in the MTB tires, you might want to take a look if you need new tires.