In harmony with my goals for the year, I took my bicycle out for the first time this spring. I haven't ridden in a long while and am definitely out of shape. I've been wanting to put some new tires on my 05 Specialized Allez Sport, so I rode the 3 miles to the bike shop where I purchased my fine steed (back in March 2006). I picked up a set of Specialized Armadillos (28) and the guys installed them while I waited. The cool thing about having bought my bike there is that I get a lifetime 10% discount on all equipment/accessories/clothes, and I don't pay labor when they install something I purchase there. I don't know if that's standard practice everywhere, but it works for me--saves me a few dollars that I can use to buy beer--uh, I mean energy drinks. Anyway, my distance for the day was 6 miles and I have some good tires with a nice red sidewall that looks good with my "Specialized red" color scheme.