Posted similar to this nature in the Utility Forum but will elucidate here.

The damn Trek rack from my Comfort bike didn't really fit right on the 4300, or should I say it did but the holes in the end of the 4300 frame aren't tapped so I need washers and nuts, I fastened the rack to at the front which was tapped but zip tied the rear ones which required the nuts. (read Fred)

I couldn't help it! I wanted to go and get something at the store so bad I didn't care. So after zip tieing the danm rack to the back and clipping on the Trek Interchange w/panniers I went to the bakery before it closed and got a loaf of bread.

I felt like an idiot, but no one else would've ever noticed. I'll go and get the nuts and washers Monday...gotta work this week. to buy more toys