Join our "Team Clydesdale." It's all very informal but we get together during the summer and fall for regular training rides.
We do mostly Oakland and Macomb County routes...Paint Creek Trail... Clinton River Trail... Macomb Orchard Trail... Addison Oaks Parks... Bald Mountain Recreation Areas. Stony Creek Metro Park.
Ostensibly, many of us are training for the 6-day Michigander in July... or the five-day Tour 'Da UP in August. And we do a lot of local one-day organized rides. Pace is relaxed and fun/
A group of us meet regularly through the summer at the Rochester Public Library for Saturday morning training rides. We call ourselves "Team Clydesdale." Check out the video at for a brief look at the first one we did yesterday.
Our next training ride will be Saturday May 17. 8:30 am at the library. Come join us!