I rode the Hay Creek Trail out of Red Wing and back for about 13 miles. It is now fully paved, quiet and flat.

Here's Catnip, my Catrike Trail:

After returning to the original trail head, I took the Cannon Valley Trail from Red Wing to Cannon Falls and back, for a total of 52 miles. Average rolling speed (I took plenty of breaks) was about 14 mph. Here I am before I shed my long sleeve shirt:

Along the trail, I finally got a glimpse of the resident bald eagle. It's hard to take a hand-held telephoto shot when the heart is thumping!

The legs were nearly done in, but I've worked my way up carefully this season. Plenty of food and drink before, during, and after kept me in pretty good shape. The nice thing about the rolling recliner is that there is no back pain, no butt pain, no wrist pain, and no neck pain (except for the sunburn!)