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    First time trial.. and on my commuter recumbent

    I test rode the route last weekend and came in at 47 minutes. While I'm sure alot of you wouldnt' consider this hilly it is a challenge for the area. Well at least it was for me.

    Got there a little early and did a little road cleaning. Due to riding on a major road we have to ride in the shoulder which they had cleaned nicely but there was some recent debris. Few dozen pieces of big gravel, lens off a rear car light and a squishied fox which I really need to remember not to use my cycling shoes to kick off the road. When your feet are right in front of you the whole ride animal goo isnt' a pleasent smell

    Only three recumbents showed out of a possible six or seven that had mentioned they might go but as the first registered one I knew I was first it just meant less people to pass me. I didn't start off so well and almost went off the road since it was my first official held up start and I'm still a little wobbly on a bent. All I did was pedal, breath and shift for the next 40 minutes but I think I got in under 40 minutes for the 12.3 mile course. It was alot of motivation to keep pushing everytime I looked in my mirrors and either saw or thought I saw one of the other recumbents gaining on me.

    Edit: There were about half a dozen juniors, a dozen 1,2,3 a few dozen 4,5 and seven or eight women on road bikes all with super aero rigs there so it was a decent turnout.
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    That sounds like great fun.

    You GO man!

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