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    "Hildy", a Novara Randonee touring bike; a 16-speed Bike Friday Tikit; and a Specialized Stumpjumper frame-based built-up MTB, now serving as the kid-carrier, grocery-getter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Historian View Post
    Posted in memory of Neil F's late bike:

    You were a pain to get into and out of my car, and you weighed a ton, but both Neil's loved you. RIP.
    The new bike is lighter, but has the same front rack as the old one, and the rear rack should fit when I get some little adapter doodads to compensate for the bike being a tiny bot too skinny. Doodads like these:

    Tour Journals, Blog, ride pix

    I'm in the celtic folk fusion band Baroque and Hungry. "Mended", our new full-length studio album, is now available for download.

    Artistic Differences - 8-track EP Dreams of Bile and Blood now available for download.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Historian View Post
    Neils on Wheels rides, including Neil on Wheels rides, are always interesting. Few, however, are as interesting as Neil F.'s latest little adventure. I do wish he could be as boring as me.
    As I posted in another thread, I wasn't boring this morning.

    This morning I had a little accident on the mile ride to the train station from Neil F.'s house. I was in a hurry and apparently didn't fasten a pannier strap securely. So it came undone at 18 MPH and was sucked into the rear wheel. The pannier followed. I skidded to a stop. I remained upright, but the bike is now out of commission. A preliminary account of the damage includes nine spokes knocked out or broken, I don't know how many others loosened or otherwise damaged, the rear wheel seriously out of true, the rear tire shredded, and the rear brakes knocked out of alignment. Other than the shock and some upper body weakness caused by my having to carry the bike a mile, I'm OK.

    I'm trying to find a local bike shop open today so I can get repaired and get rolling home. I didn't drive here, but instead did a bike-train commute. Once I know about my travel plans for today, I'll worry about the Pittsburgh-DC tour at the end of the week.

    Neil B.
    (using an alternate identity because he can't remember his Bike Forums password)

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