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    This morning's ride - 30 miles

    It was a PERFECT day for a ride this morning. I started out at about 10:00 AM, and went 30 miles, mostly along Rt. 8 in Campbell County, KY, East into Pendleton County. A lot of other folks thought the same thing, because I passed more cyclists than cars this morning.

    There was one couple on a tandem tadpole recumbent that I gave a big thumbs-up to - that looked like a really fun machine. I've never seen a tandem bent before - even single-seat recumbents are pretty rare around here!

    I think the bar adjustments I made to my LHT are working out - I had been having a lot of numbness in my fingers, and noticed that if I rode using the bottom bars it went away. My bars were set up by the LBS to be an inch or two higher than the saddle, but now they're about even. I think the next adjustment will be to raise the seatpost about 1/2 inch - I'm feeling like my legs could be a little more extended.

    I suppose I'm getting a little more stretched out the longer I ride.

    Also, I've been doing a little NRA Service Rifle shooting with my M1 Garands, and in the 200 yard rapid-fire sitting position stage of a match you have to get into a sort of cross-legged position and leaning far enough forward that your support elbow (in my case the left elbow) is hooked in front of your knee on the same side and directly under the rifle (and you're trying to achieve your "natural point of aim"), and your trigger-side elbow in front of your other knee. You have to have your elbows down in front of your knees, with your upper arm bones in contact with your shin bones, so that they don't get pushed out of position by recoil. You're trying for a "bone-supported" position rather than "muscling" the rifle on target, and this means that your back is really stretched out.

    It's interesting how the two dissimilar sports complement each other. The stretching and flexibility gain from Service Rifle are making my riding better, and the cardio/pulmonary improvements from cycling make my aim steadier at the rifle range. (Sort of like hillbilly biathlon, I guess!)
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    Cool beans, a cyclist AND a longarm fan. Sweet!
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