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Thread: New aerobars

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    New aerobars

    Just got a new set of Performance Forte aerobars for $39.99 and took them for a test ride. They were a little squirrely at first. I did get used to them fairly quickly though. I think I will only use them when on a long straightaway and I definately wouldn't ride with them in a group. Any advice on using them by people who regularly ride them is welcomed.
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    Don't use them on a descent. If you get ANY wobble at speed, you'll go down. You might also notice that when you pedal, if you aren't careful, you'll be wobbling in a gentle s curve.

    Also remember, your hands are away from the brakes.

    Beware of sudden rough surfaces as well, be very watchful of the road ahead of you. remember, you're basically steering with your elbows.
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