I Picked up my Vision SWB recumbent last Friday(may 30) and had my first real(although shortish) ride. Keep in mind this is the first bike I've ridden in about 10 years.

(I don't know how to post picture links) http://www.flickr.com/photos/27359379@N08/

I'm loving it a ton. Its got nearly all Shimano parts. It came with the bag and a front light, and those clip pedals(which I will soon replace with Crank brothers clipless as soon as I can afford to).
I paid $600 for it, so I think(hope) I got a pretty good deal, considering I talked him into giving me a patch kit and cable lock for free, and had him take 15 bucks off my cheap helmet and helmet mirror(which I will not ride without, and after 2 rides feels like I"ve always had one).

As for my first short ride(about 30 or 40 min). DANG..I love riding. On my recumbent(with my helmet on) I find myself to be a different person, I actually say hi to people and junk like that, its weird(recumbent grin included). I'm so far out of shape I nearly fell down when my legs gave out as I got off, but it feels so good to be doing something about that.

My short term goal is 240lbs(from 265), and my long term goal is 210 or so, maybe less if my body will allow it.