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    Saturday's 67 mile ride w/ photos

    As a prep for my Century ride next weekend, I planned out a 67.5 mile route with ~7800 feet of climbing. IT was an excellent Saturday morning ride. I set off on my own at 6:00 AM, and after a brief stop at Sheetz for a couple items snapped this picture before heading down the road

    My route took me along a well used road (MD rte. 36) for ~ 20 miles in a generally downhill manner. I did take two alternate routes along the way to minimize car interaction and improve the scenery. I kept to a ritual of drinking every 15 minutes, and eating every hour. After about an hour I turned up into the Savage river Valley. About a mile up that road I passed this:

    the road climbed along the Savage river for a good ways before heading off around the Savage River reseviour.

    This picture is typical of the type of road I was on most of the ride.

    Here are a couple pictures of the scenery along the way too.

    This last picture is taken just after I had endured a 20 minute long heavy rain storm. I'm about to embark down into and then back out of that valley and through those hills to cover the last 10 -12 miles of the ride.

    Overall it was a great ride, and I can't wait to ride my full century this coming weekend. I'll be adding a couple energy shots/gels to my nutrition for use in the last 30 miles. At the end of my ride my legs were tired, but I would have been able to keep going if need be. I think I"ll make sure I stay on my drinking and eating routine as it worked for me. When I got home I spent the day doing chores around the house, and working in the yard. I wasn't fresh by any stretch but I didn't need to take a nap either.

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    Looks like a great area to ride. Nice scenery. Nothing like that here in Dallas!
    Sounds like you are ready for next weekend. Good luck.
    My first century is coming up the last of September. Better get to training for it!
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    Wow Nice Ride,thanks For Sharing

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