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    Final Pre-RAGBRAI Thread and Counting the Herd

    This is my final pre-RAGBRAI thread. I went out last night and tried to meet up with ButtIce at their weekly ride, a well known RAGBRAI team, but missed them at their starting point. I thought I knew their route, so I hauled ass to try to catch up. I didn't know the route after all, but I did pass some roadies with sculpted legs who looked like they were hammering pretty hard doing about 18 mph. That was fun, and I convinced myself the conditioning is there. In the end, I did a 20 mile near the top of my performance level (average about 17) and could still talk to the nice lady cyclist riding next to me for the last 4 miles as I cooled down.
    Next 3 days, I am doing no riding except for rides with the daughter which end up at more like 10 mph.

    Thanks to all for your sage advice and kind remarks. Best forum ever!

    Ok, Sound off: Who is still doing RAGBRAI and what are your preparations like? Any interest in a meetup in Harlan?
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    Well looks like I have almost everything packed and ready to go. My journey starts tomorrow with loading up the car. I wanna say I'm ready for a week of riding, but I'm nervous and excited at the same time.

    I'm up for a meeting in Harlan.
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