Well my training hasn't been as consistent or as hilly as it should be. But I've been getting to my gym 3-4 times a week and riding hard and fast on my commutes and errands (currently car free in Boston) and getting out for recreational/training rides when I make time (I need to make it a higher priority and get out more often, like... now). I'm hoping I can finish the ride. Reading some post ride reports people have taken as long as 12hr 40min to finish so I think I'll be able to pull that off at the very least. I've lost a bit of weight (210lbs last I checked, down from 245lbs in November).

I'm debating on tires. I've got 35MM Pasela Tourguard tires on my touring bike, I think these will work OK but 70% dirt roads in New England means there will be sections of this ride that are more suited to a mountain bike than any road bike. I'm thinking the Tourguards will be a happy medium between a too narrow road tire and a too aggressive cross tire.

Tonight! A hard fast training ride!