This is for folks in the Toronto area specifically.

One of Toronto's bike theft rings has been busted by The Toronto Police Service..... If you live in the Toronto area, and have had a bicycle stolen, then you should contact TPS to see about finding your bicycle.

Igor Kenk, 49 owner of The Bicycle Clinic, one of the most well known fences for stolen bicycles, was caught when he instructed another gentleman on how to steal a bicycle, he forgot one thing in the lesson, make sure there are no members of the local constabulary present to witness the deed.

Igor's shop and a warehouse were confiscated, and police are trying to unite the bicycles with their owners. They had them on display this weekend, and I suspect a couple of officers will be going through the bikes left, and the bicycle registry database to see about registered bikes that are in the inventory.

For more info the Toronto Star has an article online for more about this.

Personally I put bicycle thieves in the same category as car thieves and horse thieves...