Title says it.

I have not picked it up yet -and may not be able to for personal reasons until the end of next month...


I rode my third single speed 29er. This one was at a friend's bike shop...I rode the bike for about 90 minutes and did not get tired of it. When I got back (he knew this was not the first one I had taken for a spin - his shop and others) we talked business. I am pretty pleased with the deal and I think he is too.

We were able to agree on the bike and a disc upgrade (discs off his personal 29er that is only a few months old). I will have to get a new rear 29er wheel mount the rear disc.

I hope this is the "right choice" -- I have been wanting a new MTB, a single speed, and something I could use as a communter and for quick runs to the store. I know this is not a commuter bike - but until I can afford/justify buying all three of the aforementioned - I think this will work.

I'm pretty excited! I'll post pics when the bike is in my hands.