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    Wanted: Lightfoot Magnum for Supersized Athena

    Hi - Newbie here!
    Too many Supersized Meals have left me Supersized and i'm looking to start exercising. I've been doing some research for bikes for big folks (5'5" 400+# and losing) and it appears the 'heavy-duty workhorse bike Lightfoot Magnum would be the best bike (special thanks to RollerDave for supplying me with his purchase decision and experience - definitely a cool clyde).

    Question: Anyone aware of any used Magnums out there on the Wild, Wild Web world for sale, considering its major-expensive price tag!!

    I'm assuming the recumbant bike would definitely be the way to go as i've seen a post citing it being an "easy-chair on wheels."
    Besides - just start riding- other SuperSize Clydes/Athenas with advice for me: Pedals, helmets, shoes/sandels, computers to keep track of milage, etc., can one ride with a radio or is this dangerous; if not, what kind do cyclist use?

    Responses are much appreciated as i want to make this experience fun, comfortable and health benefitting to ensure i keep on peddling.

    I'm grateful to have found this 'Clyde Site' as i was 'hanging out on a 'skinny' forum (good folks never-the-less)!!

    “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” ...E. Roosevelt
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    OOH the bike looks like a beauty (I never knew about them. I rode a trike of sorts after a kidney operation. Smooth as silk. I know has large size clothes..also I think I bought mens bike shorts for myself (I went with 2XL mens for a then 225 pound take a look at site and you can always return.) Then again with that bike - I do not think you will need padded shorts - so just ride what you are comfy in as long as you don't wear pants that get caught in the chain. Definetly go with a good helmut form the bike shop. I'd stay away from a radio - that way you can loisten to anything aproaching and just be!

    So...good luck - and post your progress/weight loss. Great for you for un supersizing. Just cut back (easy to say - I know!) and you will lose the pounds.

    Go get em!

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    rollerdavem may be able to help you out with finding a Lightfoot. They are a great trike, but are pricey almost beyond belief! They do have listing of used and demo trikes for sale though at the Lightfoot site.

    Hope that helps a bit.

    I just looked and no trikes listed currently, but you can contact Lightfoot from that page as well, and perhaps they can help you out.
    on light duty due to illness; please contact my assistants for forum issues. They are Siu Blue Wind, or CbadRider or the other 3 star folk. I am currently at home recovering from a couple of strokes. I am making good progress, happily.

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