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    Road bike sizing help...

    I'm currently riding a late 90s hybrid Schwinn Frontier with 23" frame. It serves my purpose for now, but I have started looking for an inexpensive, older, 70s to 90s road bike to add to my repertoire. I had one in college but don't remember any details about it other than it was free. It was fun to ride and a lot more comfortable than what I have now. I just don't know what size frame I should be looking for.

    I'm 6'6" 340lbs and according to the pole I just pulled tightly into my crotch, have a standover height of about 35.5" (with no gap). My proportion is a little top heavy with more length in torso than in legs. I've checked around the LBSs and Craigslist, but haven't really found anything locally that I can try out. I expect to have to buy eBay without seeing the bike first...unless I get lucky.

    I'm afraid I'm going to end up with something too small or (heaven forbid) too big.

    With the info provided, can you give me any advice on recommended size? I realize that there is more to it than just frame size, but that's probably going to be my starting point. I also realize that I may go through a couple of bikes before finding the "right" one. I just want to be able to make a better "educated" guess when buying.

    Thanks for your help.

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    61-63 CM according to Rivendell's sizing for a 700c wheeled bike. If you score one with 27" wheels, it will be much the same.

    Rivendell uses "French Fit", though, so you could likely do quite well with a 60cm frame. All I can say is ride and see.

    If compact geometry with a long top tube, you could get by nicely with a 58 CM frame (Specialized calls this XL frame, 58 CM seat tube and 59.5 CM top tube. Just don't cut the steer tube down and use spacers.
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