I picked up an old raleigh C30 a while back, rode it around decided I like this bike .it is the only bike I can easily ride back up the little hill in the grass from the garden with 2 reusable grocery bags full of goodies
so I though I fix it up a bit. thr free wheel was missing a tooth and had a little more play than I like so first I got a used free wheel. it had a bad tooth on the 14 tooth cog so I bought a new free wheel rode it around for a day. rode to the garden coming back ,poing, broke a spoke after looking the wheel over I just decided to buy a new wheel. so I'm back from the lbs (great guy) with a new wheel put it on added a rack and some wald short fenders hopeful I'll get a ride or to before I have to buy something else
Done with my rant now thanks for listening