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    Mountian bike with shoes and candy sl pedals

    I adjusted my cleats today some on my shoes Ive noticed for some reason my right foot seems to turn in a bit where the left is always pointing straight. I ride a mountian bike with full suspension I seem to like it rather stiff on the adjustment shock. (C/A?)hehe
    So I adjusted my shoes a bit to point my right foot in a smidge.
    If I ride without my shoes and cleats my left knee hurts , if I ride with bike shoes and the cleats it never hurts.
    It seems the cleat on the left foot are easier to release than the right thats another problem.
    The cleat I have two screws with considerable space and a spacer like washer with two holes in it that are to help hold the lock down position is my guess.they adjust left or right or and you can gently set the allignment to point your toes in or out.
    I believe for me a light inward point or to the right foot is better for me.
    I started riding with the most forward adjustment on the clips, I have moved them back to the second or possiably the more power location less toe. I hope it dosen't bother my knees.
    I have already ridden 300+ miles in about month, I have been very active all my life with weights and jogging now I use the bike for aerobic exercise due to lower back I am pretty old at 57 y/o Doug
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